Overnight Fire, Downed Tree Limbs Reported in Collin County

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So much ice has accumulated in parts of Collin County that debris from trees is falling.

"Mostly we've seen a lot of ice accumulation, particularly on trees. A lot of what we've seen tonight has been slick roadways, downed tree branches, down trees, that that sort of thing," said Lt. Evan Mattei with Frisco police.

As of Thursday morning, a thick layer of ice is frozen solid on the ground, with another layer of sleet/snow mix on top of that.

That's why drivers are being encouraged to stay at home if possible. If you do need to go out, drive slowly and with extreme caution.

"I would anticipate that as traffic increases, so are the minor crashes. And as much as we want people to stay home and stay safe if they can -- we understand that people are going to have to be out on the roadway," said Mattei. "So just the most important thing, give yourself extra time. Slow down, take it easy, don't slam on your brakes."

Meantime, a fire has displaced a family in Frisco overnight.

Frisco Fire Department said all of the residents safely evacuated. It's unknown how the fire started.

"Our units assisted fire just with traffic control. But the fire department worked incredibly hard to battle that blaze. And they did an excellent job to bring it under control quickly and respond to the scene quickly," said Mattei. "Most importantly, nobody was hurt. The residents are safe, they're going to have a long road of property recovery ahead of them. But thankfully, they're safe. The neighbors are safe and our fire and police department members were all safe as well."

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