Frisco Becomes Home to New Innovative Sports Medicine Complex

If you drive on the Tollway through Frisco, you've probably seen the new Baylor Scott and White Sports Therapy and Research Center at the Star.

Inside the new 300,000 square foot center are the makings of a first-of-its-kind collaboration: an NFL team, a healthcare system and a school district. 

The goal is simple.

"To really help these athletes move better, perform better recover faster so they can play longer," said Mike Oviedo, Director of Performance Health.

14-year-old Noah McCant is one of the center's first young patients.

He injured his hamstring while running, two years ago; the Heritage High School athlete says other physical therapies never helped. Out of options, he turned to Oviedo for help.

The performance center is the only health center in Texas to use Fusionetics, app-based technology that pinpoints the exact weak spots of an athlete.

"When I first started working on Noah, I'd pushed into this muscle, and you can get a good reaction out of him. Now, he has a good poker face," Oviedo said.

The app outlines McCant's stretching program.

"There's an app for it and really helps out because it shows what you need to do and the right way to do it and it's been really good for me," he said.

Fusionetics is just one of the innovative programs at the complex.

There is imaging, a concussion program, orthopedics and ongoing research into how to best prevent non-contact sports injuries.

And the technology is going mobile.

The center will send trainers to Frisco high schools to do movement assessment screenings on every athlete.

"These programs are actually meant to get them to move better, reducing the risk of injury, so it makes Frisco the safest place to play sports," Oviedo said.

Those screenings are free to the students and the district.

They will also be offered to high schoolers in the fine arts departments.

The Dallas Cowboys and Baylor Scott and White invested nearly $200 million in the partnership.

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