Friendswood H.S. Football, Baseball Teams Doing Harvey Recovery Heavy Lifting

The city of Friendswood, a suburb 20 miles southeast of Houston, was one of the hardest by Harvey. The worst of the flooding has now passed, and the best in people is coming out.

The football and baseball teams from Friendswood High School are out crisscrossing the community, making sure every flood victim knows someone has their back.

"This is where we need to be. We know it," said Friendswood H.S. senior Johnnie Nemecek. "This is what everybody should be doing. Everybody that's able to."

There hasn't been a lot of right in Friendswood since the waters came in.

"It was about waist-deep when we came out, chest-deep in our house," said flood victim Candace Ayers.

She and her family made it out in their Jeep. But they weren't driving.

"It literally floated," Ayers said. "We hit a couple of trees on our way out."

It happened so fast they couldn't save much inside.

"I mean, it's overwhelming. We've lost everything," Ayers said.

But a team comes through when you need them. The football and baseball teams are going door-to-door to do the heavy lifting – hauling water-soaked couches, tables and mattresses.

"We have a list of people," Nemecek said. "They send it into our superintendent, he's been great to send it out."

As the piles of what's lost keep growing and the task ahead feels too big, you look to your teammates.

"I think we got seven more houses at least today, and then tomorrow we're gonna do the same thing," Nemecek said. "And then after that, and then week on week until it's done."

And you know no one will be left behind.

"Without our community there would have been, we wouldn't have made it, period," Ayres said.

Her family picked up a disabled neighbor in that floating Jeep before taking off. It's those stories that show how the community got each other through.

There is also a temporary shelter set up at Friendswood High School, all organized by school staff.

NBC 5 also learned that after all their work cleaning houses Thursday, the football team had practice at 8 p.m. that same night, and they had a lot of fans there to watch.

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