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North Texas Native Andrew Sevener Finishes 4th on ‘The Voice'

North Texas native Andrew Sevener competed in the season finale of 'The Voice' Tuesday night. He finished fourth in the singing competition.

According to 'The Voice' website, Sevener grew up in a musical family. His father was in a rock band and his mother was a country singer. When he was in the fifth grade, Sevener asked his dad to teach him guitar so he could impress his crush, and he's been playing ever since. He currently lives in the mobile home his parents used as a music studio and works as a motorhome technician. As well as performing as a solo act, Sevener was part of a band with his parents called Helluvanote that performed a few times a week.

North Texas native Andrew Sevener is competing in the season finale of 'The Voice' Tuesday night. He is one of four finalists competing to win the singing competition.

Sevener, who is 22-years-old, opened Tuesday night's show by fulfilling one of his life long dreams, performing along side country music legend Travis Tritt. The two performed Tritt's hit song T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Friends and Family Gather to Watch Andrew Sevener on 'The Voice'

A group of Sevener's family and friends gathered Tuesday night at a bar in Burleson to watch the hometown superstar compete in the show finale.

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