Fresh Ingredients Drive Easter Rush

Crowds expected at grocery stores on Saturday


The Easter holiday weekend is here, and so are the crowds at area eateries.

Parking at Central Market along Hulen Street is always an adventure, and it's even busier at Easter.

The store said the day before Easter is typically one of its busiest.

"I always recommend customers come a little earlier or a little later, and you could avoid some large crowds and make it easier parking for yourself," said Austin Jourde, general manager.

Regular shoppers know to avoid the weekend rush, especially one with a holiday.

"I realized I should have come in by 8 [this morning]," said Angie Parrish of Mansfield. "The parking lot was pretty bad. I can't imagine [what it's like] when everyone gets off of work."

It is expected to be just as busy at Honey Baked Hams Co. on Saturday. Regulars were surprised the lines weren't longer Friday afternoon.

"Usually the line is out the door, so it's great not having to wait in line," Mary Myers-Devlught said.

"We'll start picking up as the afternoon rolls on and then [Saturday] it will be a busy day pretty much all day," store manager Miles Glover said.

The reason for the last-minute rush has nothing to with procrastinating though, but everything to do with getting better products.

"They want to get the very best possible ingredients at the last moment," said Jourde.

"So it's fresh," said Myers-Devlught.

Both stores said they will have extra staff on hand though to help make things smoother.

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