Fresh Christmas Trees Cost More in Texas Than Any Other State

Millennials credited with spike in demand for live trees in Lone Star State

Fresh Christmas trees will cost more for Texans, on average, than for people in any other state.

People in Texas pay, on average, about $104 for a live Christmas tree, which is $31 more than the national average of $73, according to data gathered by Square and the National Christmas Tree Association.

That added cost is largely due to decreased supply from some of the largest tree-producing states – Oregon is the top in the country – and the expense of trucking them across the country.

But they are expecting a record demand for sales at Christmas Traditions in McKinney, and that is largely attributed to increased interest from the millennial generation.

“We find that the millennials are really interested in not only the real Christmas tree, but the experience of buying a real Christmas tree,” said Shawn Lane, co-owner of Christmas Traditions, which is entering its 17th year of operation.

Lane and his staff were busy all this week setting up the trees ahead of the 9 a.m. Black Friday opening.

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