French Class Faces Cancellation Mid-School Year

Arlington ISD notified parents in October they would shut down a first-grade classroom in November if enrollment doesn't increase. Parents are working to save the popular class.

Montgomery Holloway and her classmates love everything French. They left their neighborhood schools and chose to come to Wimbish World Language Academy in Arlington where they could pick a language and master it by the time they head to middle school.

"If I don't learn enough French, I won't be able to go to France," said fellow student Malcolm Gordon.

All those plans could be shattered though, when the district said as much as these students love their class, there's just not enough of them, to justify paying for it.

"If we're not able to guarantee this, we don't want to go a year later and say wow we can't," said Principal Delisse Hardy.

You see, the new school has a lot of students, just not in first grade French, the principal told parents if she couldn't get more students enrolled by November 1, the class would get canceled and the students would have to move to Spanish.

"It's just devastating because his heart is broken. He is set on French now," said Mary Beth Gordon who asked "Carter in the Classroom" for help.

We asked tough questions of the district, and spread the word of the need for new students.

Now, two weeks after the deadline, the district confirms after our story aired three more students signed up for the first grade class.

It's bought more time, the district is now waiting until the semester ends to decide if the kids get to stay in this class they love so much.

If you are interested in checking it out for your first grader, you don't have to be in Arlington ISD to attend.

Please call (682) 867-7305 or email if you have any questions.

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