Freeway Closures Cause Traffic Mess


If you thought Dallas traffic was a headache, prepare yourself for 15 months of construction at one of the city's busiest areas.

The Texas Department of Transportation is working on the Woodall Rodgers extension project near the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Drivers have to avoid the orange barriers and spend a lot more time navigating the construction zones, especially during rush hour.

Traffic also is backing up on Spur 366 all the way to U.S. 75 because cars are not allowed to exit at Riverfront Boulevard but are forced to take Interstate 35E.

Some say construction delays are the price of progress.

"It does add some time, but hopefully, once they get it all fixed, it'll be worth it," said commuter Christian Smith. "(You) always have to deal with the bad before you get to the good."

TxDOT is extending Woodall Rodgers to connect to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, which will connect to Singleton Boulevard.

Only drivers going north on Riverfront Boulevard can get onto Woodall Rodgers. The south-bound entrance ramp onto the freeway is closed. Drivers also cannot exit the freeway onto Riverfront.

"There's been a lot more traffic congestion at the traffic light down here because of all the traffic not being able to get on Woodall Rodgers, trying to get on 35 down there," said Brant Perry, another commuter.

It's taking people at least five to 10 more minutes to take the marked detours.

"I'm self-employed. I'm an interior designer, so I drive around as my career, so I just talk on the phone to pass the time," Molly Ogden said. "There's nothing you can do about it."

TxDOT is hoping to finish construction by late 2011.

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