Freebies for #NationalDonutDay & NBC 5 Today's Favorite Donuts

#NationalDonutDay is Friday, June 1 and we have a list of freebie deals for you

To celebrate #NationalDonutDay, the crew of NBC 5 Today is sharing their favorite donut flavors. We have a list of freebie deals for you too!

Samantha Davies: I love plain with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. So pretty and yummy!

Deborah Ferguson: Oh, my gosh, I really love donuts, and the second I eat one – and a second is all I takes to gobble one – another one and another one follows. My favorites: chocolate frosted, jelly filled and Boston Kreme. Why those three? Let me try one of each to remind me.

Katy Blakey: Blueberry! Because it’s got fruit so it must be healthy, right?

Courtney Gilmore: I love a Shipley’s glazed donut. If I’m feeling “fancy free” and want to throw my diet out of the window, I’ll go for a donut with pink icing and sprinkles. I also love cake donuts with cinnamon sugar, or cake donuts with glazed icing. (if you can’t tell, I love sweets. I literally could go on, and on, and on:-)

Ben Russell: I like maple glazed. I’m not a “donut guy” but it is *very* difficult for me to not grab a maple donut when I spot one.

Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson says, "It’s way too much going on with these donuts - but I’m always down to try!"

Keisha Burns: I'm a big fan of Maple Bar donuts because they taste as yummy as they smell.

Evan Anderson: Glazed. Simple and always good. It’s best when a little warm, or fresh from the bakery! It’s way too much going on with these donuts - but I’m always down to try!

Samantha Chatman: It depends on my mood. If I'm feeling good, I'll take glaze. If I need an extra pick-me-up, gimme dat chocolate Long John!

Marc Fein: I have two! Standard chocolate glazed and the Apple Fritter. I can’t have just one. If I’m doing donuts I’m doing one of each. The theory is.. I love the fritter, but I always need chocolate!!

Marc Fein
Marc Fein, Grant Johnston and Larry Collins all agreed their favorite donut was an apple fritter.

Grant Johnston: Apple Fritter – because it’s got just the right balance of apple and fritter. Oh yeah…and lots of sugar too!

Larry Collins: I’m a huge fan of apple fritters. It’s the best of all worlds; you get the donut taste, the cinnamon roll taste and apples. There’s fruit in it, so it’s healthy right? Right?!? ;-) (Best I’ve had is from Baugher’s Orchard in Westminster, MD)

Tim Ciesco: My favorite donut flavor is basically ANYTHING Hurts Donut Company in Frisco makes! I love that their donuts have all kinds of crazy toppings and fillings, because sometimes I want more than regular old glazed or chocolate!

Tim Ciesco
Tim Ciesco's recent donut was oreo-cheesecake flavored.

Donut Deals for Friday June 1:

Krispy Kreme - One free donut of your choice. No purchase necessary.

Shipley's - Free donut with any purchase.

Dunkin' Donuts - Free donut with the purchase of any beverage.

Our partners at GuideLive have more Donut Day deals for you at The Dapper Doughnut, Hurts Donuts, Hypnotic Donuts, Glazed Donut Works and more.

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