Free Laptops Given to Families in Need in Southern Dallas Area

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Well before the free computer giveaway was to start at Paul Quinn College in southern Dallas, cars lined up filled with anxious families.

"I applied on behalf of my kids,” Oloree Oduwole who was in line said. “I told them about it, and they were so happy.  We've been praying low-key to have one of these. So, we are happy we are getting one of these today for the kids."

West Dallas resident Addines Walker doesn't have a car and usually catches the bus. She chose Uber instead this time to make sure she and her son didn't miss the time slot.

"He's going into 10th grade,” Walker said. “I know he's going to need it more especially with him having to do more reports and more studying. And he helps the family out too."

Her son plans to do schoolwork and more.

"In my family, if they need to do something and they can't get access to go anywhere, I can be able to help," 14-year-old Darius Walker said.

Walker will help with the family's online needs and won't have to worry about getting to the public library anymore just to do homework.

This effort to close the digital divide in economically challenged areas is part of a commitment made by AT&T. In partnership with Compudopt, the computers are refurbished and able to be offered for free.

AT&T volunteers handing out free laptops at Paul Quinn College in Dallas

"As we've learned there are many families in South Dallas that need connectivity,” said Mylayna Albright, AT&T assistant vice president of corporate and social responsibility. “That need devices. So, we try to bring devices to where they are needed most."

Two hundred laptops were given out to ever-so-thankful families.

"It's a great thing to do for the community and it shows that they care," Walker said.

To learn more about AT&T Connected Learning click here.

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