Free Jenny! The Movement Continues…

Animal rights activists are not giving up their fight to move Jenny the elephant to a sanctuary in Tennessee.

Concerned Citizens For Jenny said it doesn't want the city to spend taxpayer money on a new exhibit when the 32-year-old elephant should be retired. 

The activists have urged the city to retire the elephant since her companion, Keke, died in May of 2008.  Kinky Friedman, Emmylou Harris and Ruth Buzzi have joined the grassroots movement to free Jenny. 

"The new exhibit will probably look pretty on the surface of her current cell," Buzzi said Wednesday. "But it will still be a cell and will not be big enough for Jenny."

The Dallas Zoo disagreed and said Jenny's new exhibit will be one of the best in the country.  Zookeepers also said Jenny is well cared for and believe she has adequate space to exercise.

Concerned Citizens For Jenny said it is erecting six billboards to encourage people to vote for a new City Council that would be more sympathetic to Jenny's future.

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