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Free Handyman Services for Senior Citizens in McKinney

A volunteer program offers free handyman services to senior citizens in McKinney.

The group Seniors Helping Seniors is a volunteer handyman program that helps seniors and others with minor home maintenance and repairs for free.

John Moore started the group a few years ago. This year his team of volunteers are on track to complete 600 jobs.

"Just the thanks, the hugs we get, the appreciation of us coming is all I want," said John Moore.

Last Wednesday, two volunteers stopped by the home of Ernie & Diane Lazek.

"They're so kind. It's such a good service," said Diane.

Husband, Ernie, battles Parkinson's and Transverse Myelitis, which restricts his mobility. Every day he fights for strength just to bathe.

"It's very depressing, but that's okay. I'm getting over that.," said Ernie.

Volunteers installed a new grab bar in the shower.

It's a simple fix to give Ernie some stability and Diane some peace.

"[It's] so beneficial for him to have help in the shower. [It] gives him security so he doesn't fall. You can't put a dollar sign on that."

The group is sponsored by McKinney churches.

Typical repairs include installation of handrails or ramps, smoke detectors and minor plumbing and electrical work.

To request help from Seniors Helping Seniors, or for information on how to volunteer call 469-396-7042.

The group only operates within McKinney city limits.

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