Free DTV Converter Box Installation

Local company getting you ready for transition for free

As the deadline to the digital transition approaches, Steven Fidermutz wants to make sure North Texans are ready.

Fidermutz's company is a subcontractor for the FCC and they are providing free, basic, in-home installation of digital converter boxes that have many people confused.

"A lot of people can't figure out how to hook the converter box up, or they can't sync it with their television," said Fidermutz.

Fidermutz said the installation is free for anyone who needs help, but if customers need equipment like the converter box or an antenna, they do have to pay for that.

The installation takes Fidermutz and his partner just a few minutes.

If you need help with your digital transition, call 866-202-4596 or visit Fidermutz's Web site,

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