Free Business Program Helps Women Go From Poverty to Profit

Hope Oriabure Hunter says she is proof you can recover from a financial setback, if you're willing to do the work and ask for help. 

Hunter, a successful saleswoman, said she did everything right. She earned a college degree, worked hard and spent 18 years in sales.

Then, one day her boss cut her base commission in half and the single mother of four found herself unable to pay her bills within just a few months.

Hunter said she remembers sitting in her dark living room after failing to pay the electric bill and decided to seek help.

Hunter reached out to WiNGS Dallas to help her get back on her feet. She enrolled in a free 12-week course that helped her develop a successful business plan for a side job she had created a few years earlier. 

"WiNGS just really gave me my confidence back. The only thing bigger than fear is hope and you bring your fear here and they return the hope," said Hunter. 

It took time and hard work, but Hunter is now financially back on her feet. She is now running her successful small business, Black-Tie Babysitting, which offers child care during private events and weddings. 

"When they come to WiNGS they may come for one thing," said CEO Jennifer Ware. '[But what we've learned] is we've opened their eyes to so many possibilities and so much more than they ever thought they could be."

To learn more about the programs offered by WiNGS and their upcoming luncheon visit: wingsdallas.org.

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