Fourth Suspect Arrested in Valero Store Shooting

Police have arrested a fourth suspect in connection with the shooting death of a Fort Worth gas station attendant.

Daniel Rojas, 23, was shot and killed in a robbery at a Valero convenience store March 22. A deliveryman was wounded during the robbery.

Fort Worth police arrested Tywron Pierre Thomas, 23, at his girlfriend's apartment on Tuesday. Three other men were arrested last week.

Investigators have said that the three people arrested last week all knew the victim. The Star-Telegram reported that one of the men, Randy Seibel, posted a reference to Rojas' death on his MySpace page saying: "Sadd, my friend Daniel was shot and killed in a convience store robbery 3-23-10. You'll always be missed lil dude."

Seibel, Chance Smith and Kwame Rockwell worked at a car lot adjacent to the gas station and were regular customers. Employees of the car lot said the trio even tried to console them in the hours after the shooting.

"They were offering us water, they were offering us food, they were consoling us like they were really concerned, saying they were dirty guys who did it," said one coworker.

Investigators said one of the suspects arrested last week admitted that Rojas was killed because he could identify them.

A 70-year-old bread deliveryman who was also shot in the robbery remains hospitalized.

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