Getting Your Finances in Order: Four Signs That You Need Help

NBC 5, Telemundo 39 and Al Dia have launched "Ask a Certified Financial Planner Week."

Thursday, Oct. 5 from 4 to 7 p.m., you can call in or join our Facebook Live and ask an expert any financial question. 

There are a lot of people out there that know they're in financial trouble. There are others out there who may not be aware that there could be a problem, and those are the people NBC 5 wants to help.

1. You're avoiding your bank statements
Technology has made it easier than ever for consumers to stay on top of their recent purchases. Every major bank has an app you can download to monitor your spending right in the palm of your hand. Problem: Some folks dread checking it, almost like it'll just go away if you don't look.

2. You're going through a major life change
If you're getting married, having a baby, going through a divorce, any major event can quickly throw you in a financial spin. Ask yourself this question:  have you figured out how this change is going to impact your finances? If not, this week is for you.

3. You're tapping into your savings on a weekly basis
Now, don't get us wrong; it's your money and you have every right to spend it. But it's also meant to serve as a nice little nest egg or money you can use on a rainy day.

If you find yourself moving that money into your checking account for daily expenses, you may need to get a financial plan in place.

4. You're not investing your money
Some of us have no clue how to invest. Others have a 401k plan, but no idea how it works. If this sounds like you, we've got to get a good plan in place.

"Parts of your faith, parts of our health, parts of our education, and family and experiences, they're all tied, in a sense, to money," said Victor Garza of Garza Financial Planning. "If it's something so valuable and something that touches so many things in our lives, why not treat it with a lot of respect?"

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