Foster Mom Says Teacher Pinned Her Son Up Against Wall

A DeSoto foster mother says she noticed cuts and bruises on her special needs student who can't even physically speak and called police. Now investigators want to know if a DeSoto teacher is to blame.

"I looked at his hands and I said something's happened to my son, so I looked in his backpack and there was no incident report," foster mother Bobby Williams said.

Williams said she's used to hearing from DeSoto Independent School District because she has four special needs children who are students there.

She said she was alarmed when she noticed the injuries to her son's hands and arm when he got home from school.

She said that same night, she received a picture from a concerned employee at the school.

"I am furious. I am at a point of having a nervous breakdown," Williams said.

In the picture, you can see a man in a red shirt and what appears to be her son's black sneakers lifted off the ground.

Williams said the DeSoto High School teacher in red completely over-powered her son and forcibly lifted and restrained him. 

"I can only imagine the fear that was in him and he couldn't say let go of me you're hurting me please don't do that," she said. "Those are things you and I can say, he's unable to speak," Williams said.

Special education advocate Tammy Cyra feels the employee violated protocol.

"I let her know that that was not legal and that they should have used a restraint called non-violent crisis prevention intervention restraint technique," Cyra said.

Williams is hiring an attorney and has filed reports with DeSoto Police and CPS. She said she worries about other special needs students in the school.

"My children are supposed to be safe and they're supposed to be protected, I don't feel like they're being protected and I know they're not safe," she said. 

DeSoto ISD released this statement to NBC 5:

The DeSoto Independent School District has been made aware of the aforementioned reports of abuse. As a public independent school district, we take these claims seriously and work diligently to protect and ensure the safety of our students. Following an awareness of any claims of student and/or staff abuse, DeSoto will always conduct as thorough a review a possible in any such case involving abuse including notifying and/or involving the proper authorities if necessary. 

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