Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Cancels Certain Tours, Wildfires to Blame

Self-guided drivers are able to proceed as scheduled.

KXAS/Jane Geelan

Due to the proximity of the Chalk Mountain Fire, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has canceled all guided tours for Tuesday, July 19.

Self-guided drives through the park are continuing for now.

The wildlife center is not currently in the path of the fire, however, because of low air quality and high heat index, the cancellation is in place to protect all guests and animals.

NBC 5 has reached out to find out more information on possible evacuation or relocation plans for animals. This story will be updated as information becomes available.

A grassfire in 2014 destroyed the gift shop at the wildlife center. There were no reports of any injuries or deaths to people or animals in the 2014 fire.

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