Glen Rose

Fossil Rim Asks for Public Suggestions to Name Baby Giraffes

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose is closed to visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it is asking the public for help in fundraising and naming their two baby giraffes.

According to the nonprofit conservation center, both the girl and boy giraffe calves stand 7 feet tall and each weighs more than 200 pounds.

The girl was born to “Nettie” on Feb. 21 and the boy was born to “Snorgie” on March 2.

For every $5 donation, you can submit a name. At the end of two weeks, Fossil Rim will select its top two names and give the public a chance to vote on the winning name.

Submit a name here.

During the closure, Fossil Rim said animal care staff would remain on site to care for its 1,100 animals

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