North Texas

‘Fortified’ Homes Made to Withstand Strong Winds, Tornadoes

When tornado sirens go off in your neighborhood, it's easy to start thinking about how stable your home is.

But there's some action you can take to make sure your home is extra sturdy.

A new display found right in the middle of downtown Fort Worth shows you what you can do.

Habitat for Humanity is building a home in Sundance Square using a building standard called "Fortified."

In the last year Trinity Habitat for Humanity started building this way. The crews use Simpson Strong-Tie straps and brackets that really secure the roof to the walls, and the walls to the foundation.

They say if you held the house upside down, it should be able to stay intact.

Whether your home is pelted with straight-line winds, hail storms or tornadoes up to EF-3 intensity, Lydia Traina, senior director of development with Trinity Habitat for Humanity, says it should be no problem.

"Living in North Texas, just as we saw last night, severe weather can happen in a moment's notice, and we want to be prepared and ready for that," Traina said.

If you want to upgrade your home to make it more sturdy, you can build from the ground up, or reinforce the home you're in.

With unpredictable weather it's not a bad idea.

The home Habitat for Humanity is building in Sundance Square will not be staying there. It's part of an annual promotion and will be moved within the next week.

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