FW Police Think Robberies May Be Connected

Mohammed Zahid is scared. "That's very scary man, when you have that happen pretty close to us"

The Waffle House just across the street from his south Fort Worth convenience store at I-35W and Altamesa was robbed early this morning.

"We are scared from those kind of activities around this area", Zahid says.

Fort Worth police say four men wearing black and white bandannas robbed the restaurant about 1:30 AM Tuesday morning, one jumping over the counter to take cash from the register while the others stole jewelry and money from two customers.

Investigators suspect two of the men may be the same who held up a women's clothing store hours before in east Fort Worth. One pressed the barrel of a shotgun to the head of an 18 year old clerk while she opened the store safe.

Fort Worth police Lt. Paul Henderson explained "in the two different robberies, you've got suspects wearing black and white bandannas. That's kind of unique, their clothing is similar, so is their M.O"

So far, police don't have any suspects.

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