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Fort Worth's Cavile Public Housing Could Close After 64 Years

Fort Worth is planning to close the Cavile Place public housing project, a sprawling complex of 300 homes that was built in 1954 and has become largely known for its poverty and crime.

It's located off Rosedale Street east of Loop 820.

“I’m excited,” said city council member Gyna Bivens, who grew up nearby and has pushed to close the complex for years. "When the Cavile project is demolished, I'll be there with a flag saying, 'See you later.'"

The board of the city’s housing authority, Fort Worth Housing Solutions, was poised to approve the plan Thursday night.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also must sign off, and the entire process could take many months.

Once Cavile is bulldozed, the city plans a mixed-income development on the property to better fit in with the surrounding Stop Six neighborhood, which is on the upswing.

Developers like Carlos Harris are building luxury homes just blocks away that are selling for $200,000.

"Seeing what the neighborhood used to be, it's kind of surprising,” Harris said. “But it's a change that's very needed."

Last year, the city poured millions of dollars into improving streets and revitalizing the neighborhood.

Fort Worth also is moving forward with plans to close its largest public housing project, Butler Place, which is located east of downtown.

About 350 people remain there.

The city promises to help people in both complexes find new places to live.

Residents said they looked forward to moving out.

“I ain’t going to miss it,” said Willie Perdue, a retired construction worker who moved into Cavile about ten years ago.

He said he often hears the sounds of gunfire.

"About four years ago a dude got killed in my front yard,” he said. “I was in the house asleep.”

Bivens, the city council member, said she supports the national trend to close large public housing projects like Cavile.

"Time is gone to warehouse people who are financially challenged,” she said.

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