Fort Worth’s Batman Officer Delivers Back Brace to Midland Girl

In his spare time, Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole visits children's hospitals dressed as various superheroes.

Cole was dressed as Batman when he met a 14-year-old Midland girl named Serina and pinkie promised her he'd deliver something special.

"What's up Batgirl? How are you? You look beautiful. I love your cap," Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole said.

Serina's mother Sarah Cardiel says he first met Serina, who has brittle bones disease, after her third spinal fusion surgery in Fort Worth.

That's where she told him she didn't like wearing her brace, but she would, if it looked more like Batman's.

So Cole made a special trip to the Permian Basin this week to deliver a Batgirl back brace for Serina.

"I had this specially made for you, isn't that cool," Cole said.

"You're my batgirl, you know that," he said.

"It was unreal, I didn't think that somebody would go out of their way to do such a thing for her and so having him come down was pretty sweet," Cardiel said.

"I think she's going to enjoy this one, she's already talking about wearing it to school," Cardiel said.

A year ago, Officer Cole began driving to children's hospitals across the country dressed as superheroes like Batman, Ironman and Captain America.

"When you see the impact you have on these kids, it's priceless. People love to say because I'm a police officer and I dress up as a superhero that I'm the hero, but I don't view it that way," Cole said.

"If I can make them realize that they're the hero, I'll drive wherever I need to to do that," Cole said.

Cole plans to take a trip across 20 states from Atlanta, all the way up to the East Coast and even has a website for his non-profit organization called Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer.

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