Fort Worth's 7th Street to Recession: Pfffft!

In Fort Worth, the area near 7th and Camp Bowie is seeing the boom.

Apparently, the area near 7th street and Camp Bowie in Fort Worth didn't hear about the sluggish economy.

Construction crews have been humming along, putting up several new buildings as part of the development of the 7th Street Corridor.

"We held our breath for a little while but activity is picking up." said Reece Pettigrew, the CFO of the Museum Place, one of the developments in the area.

Pettigrew said the area did experience a slow down in work, but kept on building the project. Today, a barber shop, bank, home furnishing store and a popular restaurant reside in phase one of the project.

"The seventh street corridor between downtown and the cultural district is rapidly becoming a hub for retail and commercial activity in Fort Worth." Pettigrew added.

Pettigrew's crews will plan to keep building. Phase two starts in 60-90 days, with more restaurants moving in. Popular Dallas eateries, Social House and Cafe San Miguel are two tenants planning to move into the new phase, scheduled to open in early 2011.

Just across the street, another development has lured another Dallas restaurant. Tillman's Roadhouse, a funky, upscale restaurant, will open up a Fort Worth location.

Sara Tillman, the restaurant's owner, said Fort Worth's economy lured her to Tarrant County. She's been at her Bishop Arts location since 1992, and is excited and nervous about opening up another eatery.

"It is nerve-wracking to me, but my business partner has a whole lot more nerve than I do and he's not scared at all. I'm not scared either."

Tillman says she plans to let the Fort Worth location have it's own flair, but thinks she'll do just fine with Fort Worth customers.

"I'm an Oak Cliff resident, plus I"m country." she said with a smile.

Pettigrew said the area's popularity isn't just lip service. He said almost 100% of the built space is leased, and 80% of the office space is rented. Pettigrew also said the condos on the buildings top three floors are for sale.

Pettigrew said tenants like the new location, and Fort Worth's economy.

"I don't think anyplace is completely recession proof, but Fort Worth has certainly been blessed." he said.

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