Fort Worth Zoo Lizards on the Move

Zoo prepares animals for move to MOLA

One of the signature exhibits at the Fort Worth Zoo is in it's final days. Sunday is the last day to visit the herpetarium - home to animals like frogs, lizards and snakes for almost 50 years.   

 "Come out and see it.  It will close down and probably be demolished in winter," said executive director Mike Fouraker. "Those of you who grew up at the Fort Worth Zoo and had the herp as one of your favorite exhibits, now is your last chance."

The building was state of the art when it opened in 1960 and at the time, housed the world's largest collection of reptiles and amphibians.  Now the building is in a state of deterioration.

So after Sunday, the process starts to move the animals into their new $20 million home MOLA  - the Museum of Living Art. 

 "Twice as big, three times as grand.  This is gonna be the premiere exhibit,"  Fouraker told NBCDFW. "Amphibians, reptiles, some of the large fish that went away with the old aquarium are coming back into this, and it will set the pace for American zoos for the next 10 to 20 years."

MOLA opens in February 2010.  

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