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Fort Worth Woman Says Her Stolen Car Was Returned by Police With Possible Evidence Left Inside

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Katie Crum said her car was stolen from her Fort Worth home about two weeks ago.

Fortunately, it was recovered. But when Fort Worth Police released it to her from the impound lot she was surprised by what she found inside.

"When I opened the vehicle at the impound lot the first thing I could see was the drug paraphernalia sitting here in the cup holder," said car theft victim Katie Crum.

There was also what appeared to be evidence from other thefts.

"Underneath a sweatshirt, there was about 60 to 75 different people identifications, social security cards, and credit cards," Crum said.

Crum said she called police about the items and was told she could throw away what she didn't want. 

"It's not just that,” Crum said. “Other victims’ belongings are in this car. There is drug paraphernalia. There’s five sitting felonies in this vehicle right now and you're giving me permission to leave with it and he was like 'I don't know what to tell you.'"

NBC 5 reached out to Fort Worth police for answers. In a written statement we were told in part:

“Oftentimes, it is difficult to discern what property belongs to the original owner and what has been left behind by the suspect, since the owner typically is not on scene…"

The statement also said:

"Internal Affairs is currently looking into this matter… it is protocol to check the vehicle for any kind of contraband upon recovery."

Before Crum left the impound lot an officer was sent to collect the items that are now in the Fort Worth Police property room.

Fort Worth Police say they are looking into why the property was left in her car which is all Crum would like to know.

"How does this happen?” Crum asked. “How am I now responsible for this stuff that the Fort Worth Police Department should be responsible for?"

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