Fort Worth Woman Claiming Assault Files Suit Against Uber

A 77-year-old Fort Worth woman has filed suit against ride-hailing company Uber after she said she was sexually assaulted by a driver back in October.

The woman, named only as "Jane Doe" in the suit, reported the attack to Fort Worth police. They continue to search for 40-year-old Hashem Ramzanpour, who they believe may have fled the country.

Meanwhile, Doe and her attorney, Quentin Brogdon, have filed a suit claiming Uber failed to protect her.

"Sadly, this case is a yet another glaring testament to the hollowness of Uber's safety promises. In this case, by Uber's own admission, the beating and rape of Mrs. Doe, an elderly 77-year-old woman, 'is a violent act no person should ever have to go through.' Yet, Uber failed to take any steps, whatsoever to prevent this violent, predictable, and foreseeable crime," the suit alleges.

It goes on to claim that Ramzanpour had pending assault charges from another case that Uber should have known about.

"The basic question we all have to ask ourselves is how much safety are we willing to give up for the convenience of getting in a car and going where we want to go and when we want to go," Brogdon said.

In addition to seeking damages for his client, Brogdon says the suit is meant to prevent future attacks on Uber drivers. He says the law in Texas overseeing ride-share services needs to be tightened when it comes to hiring practices.

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