Fort Worth Water Rescue Teams Prepared for Flash Floods

The Fort Worth Fire Department Water Rescue Dive 7 Team said that it’s prepared for heavy rains Thursday and Friday. Emergency crews are keeping an eye on areas that usually see heavy flooding.

Fort Worth Emergency Crews have been preparing for flash floods since Monday.

One of two Fort Worth Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Stations said they are prepared for this weather.

They've attached the boat to the trailer and have life jackets ready for use.

"I think most people just don't understand the power of moving water. Just a couple inches of water will take a small vehicle and wash it down stream. Three or four inches will even move a full sized pick-up," Lt. Armond Johnson, Fort Worth Fire Department Dive 7.

Johnson said most people underestimate how quickly water can rise.

"One a regular basis, people will see water running across the road and choose to drive through the water instead of just turning around and taking another route. Basically, they put their lives in danger just to save a few seconds on their way to work," Johnson said.

Emergency Crews have been putting together sandbags for areas that usually see heavy flooding. They also have barricades ready to block off streets if they flood.

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