Fort Worth to Revive Guns For Groceries

City joins Dallas' effort to remove guns from streets

Fort Worth officials have decided to revive the city’s 1993 gun buyback program.

The Gun Buyback & Gun Safety program will allow Fort Worth citizens to turn in a working, unloaded weapon in exchange for a $50 grocery gift card.

Fort Worth was the first city in Texas to offer the buyback program, but canceled the program in 1994. Dallas hosted a similar program last February and will be hosting another one along with Fort Worth on August 15.

The city of Dallas will collect guns in the morning and Fort Worth will do the same that afternoon. Participants will be required to show a form of ID.

Details for Fort Worth's program are still being worked out, but the event will be held on the city's southeast side. That is an area where City Councilman Frank Moss says he is concerned about gun violence.

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