Fort Worth to Get Second Food Truck Park

Food truck craze continues to draw crowds

Fort Worth foodies will soon be able to choose between two food truck parks.

The city's first food truck park opened in December, and another one is opening just three miles away on May 17.

"We're looking at a total of 19 food trucks," Charlie Flores said.

Flores decided to turn his old used car lot into a food truck park after poor auto sales in recent years and seeing Austin's food truck scene.

His lot, halfway between downtown and the Stockyards on North Main Street, will host the Cowtown Chow Down Food Park.

For the last decade, Flores has run a snow cone truck on the property, but now he wants to bring in others.

"There's five new trucks coming out a month," Flores said. "There's other food parks in the planning stages, so, I'm not going to be the last."

In the meantime, business is good at the Fort Worth Food Truck Park near West Seventh Street.

"It's amazing to see just how people come in and hang out and the smiles that are on their faces when they come up on the property," owner Chris Kruger said.

The park has been so successful so far that Kruger decided to add a non-mobile element to the 6-month-old park.

"We decided we could use this space to serve some beer and wine," he said.

A permanent cantina will open in the coming weeks, in addition to the six trucks on the grounds each and every day.

Downtown workers eating lunch at the park Friday said they were glad to hear another park was opening next month. And even truck operators said they were encouraged by more opportunities and locations, although they do have some worries.

"That's the only thing I'm worried about, the hot asphalt there, so hopefully it will be a success also," said Eliud Castro, of Gepetto's Pizza.

Castro, such as many of the Fort Worth Food Truck Park vendors, likes the park's off-the-beaten-path atmosphere, trees and camaraderie.

It's all Kruger is concerned about these days.

"We're rocking and rolling over here, keeping a focus on our space, keeping people happy over here," he said.

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