Fort Worth Teen Faces Her Alleged Attacker in Court Following Heart Transplant

A Fort Worth middle schooler came face-to-face Monday with the stranger she says viciously attacked her last year near her school bus stop.

A truck driver is accused of hurting her so badly, she needed a heart transplant to save her life.

The first day in the trial of Terry Wayne King wrapped around 5 p.m. Monday after several people took the stand for the state. In the afternoon, jurors heard from two detectives and a woman from the crime lab. Earlier in the day, both the victim and her father testified.

In new photos of Dorika Wimana, it was hard to see the pain behind the 8th grader's smile, but the scars were there both emotional and physical. The now 14-year-old spent months in the hospital. She underwent three surgeries, including a heart transplant, after she was brutally attacked and choked.

It happened in April 2018 as she walked to her school bus in Fort Worth. Just 12-years-old at the time, police said they believed the attack was unprovoked. They said King did it. He was captured on surveillance video in the area, but his motive was still unclear.

Det. Pat Henz, with Fort Worth Police Department, spent most of the afternoon on the stand.

"There were some key videos from a couple of the businesses and the bus that were the link to the suspect in this case and how that transpired," he said.

U.S. Marshals tracked King down three months after the attack in Oklahoma City where he was arrested on felony charges. He faces assault causing bodily injury to a child along with attempted aggravated kidnapping. If convicted he could spend up to life in prison.

King was sitting in court, shackled beside his lawyers. Wimana told NBC 5 being in the same room with him was scary because he's a "bad man."

Jurors will be back in court Tuesday. The trial is expected to wrap up by the end of the week.

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