Fort Worth

Fort Worth Stockyards Poised for Development

City wants to keep Old West look and feel

With developers making big plans for the Fort Worth Stockyards, the city wants to make sure new construction matches the Old West tradition.

A city task force came up with a detailed blueprint for development, and now that plan is being put into place.

"There are the architectural and appearance elements that come into play, but we also want the authenticity to be preserved. And I think those go hand in hand with the upcoming new development," said Carlos Flores, a Northside community leader, city council candidate and member of the Historic Stockyards Design District Task Force.

In its heyday more than a century ago, more than a million cattle moved through the Stockyards every year.

But in recent years, parts of the area have fallen into disrepair.

"We don't want demolition by neglect," Flores said. "The Stockyards, for a long time in its history, has been waiting for that opportunity to be revitalized."

A new Marriott hotel just opened on Main Street.

Developers have big plans for adding more shops, restaurants and housing.

"So now the conditions are good," Flores said. "And all the elements have aligned, and I think we're moving forward in the right direction."

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