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Look Out for These Items in High Demand at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Every year, a new design is created for the rodeo's commemorative scarf and tie

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The inaugural year of the rodeo at Dickies Arena means the opportunity to design and sell commemorative souvenirs and the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has its own fashions and swag.

There are hats, T-shirts and jackets. Items featuring the inaugural year at Dickie's Arena are expected to be big sellers, but nothing beats the commemorative scarves and ties.

They've been sold at the stock show and rodeo since 2013 in limited quantities -- and the scarf, especially, is the must-have souvenir of the event.

How fast do they go? Amy Myers, the show's Art Director and the Designer of the coveted silk souvenir, says pretty quick.

"They have just steamrolled into a phenomenon. I think last year's scarves sold out before the first weekend, which is a good thing," Myers said. "Demand is always a good thing like we like to say around here. It is one of our most popular items, and I just really enjoy coming up with the design. It's a challenge but also a lot of fun."

The 2020 limited edition scarf and tie go for $50 and $30, respectively. Click here to see the online store.

"Every year, it seems we get more and more demand for them," Myers said. "As people see them here on the grounds, over in the rodeo, people are like, 'Where did you get that scarf? Oh my gosh, I have to have them.'"

CLICK HERE to look at all the items for sale online.

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