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Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Means Big Bucks for Businesses

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Crowds at the 2020 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo are expected to some of the largest ever as the rodeo moves into its brand new home at Dickies Arena.

“This is a 124-year-old institution in the city of Fort Worth and it brings people from all across the state from all different places,” said Bob Jameson, President and CEO of Visit Fort Worth.

Those large crowds usually translate into big bucks all across Fort Worth and beyond.

It’s an annual shot in the arm of the local economy.

“Certainly there is increased hotel activity around the Stock Show with everybody coming into town and they are looking for a place to eat. They are looking for things to do so you are going to find people who attended the Stock Show up at the Stockyards,” Jameson said. “You are going to find them up in the Cultural District. You're going to see them Downtown and their impact is going to felt far and wide."

The excitement this year is at a whole new level with the move to the Dickies Arena and rodeo tickets started selling out a record pace.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all. Because there has been so much attention given to this new facility in Fort Worth,” Jameson said “To call it [just] a facility seems to be understating what it represents.”

Tourism officials hope to push the business boom well beyond just the Stock Show and Rodeo.

“When they see the opportunities that also come from concerts down the road, sporting events - they are all going to be, 'I got to go back. I want to see this. I want to go to that,’" Jameson said. “They are going to know exactly what that experience is going to be in this arena."

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo runs from Jan. 17 through Feb. 8.

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