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Fort Worth Residents Warned of Men Posing as City Employees After Robbery

NBC 5 News

The city of Fort Worth is advising residents to be cautious of individuals posing as water utility employees or contractors to gain access to their homes after a customer was robbed.

The water utility department recently received a complaint of an elderly customer robbed by two men claiming to be city contractors.

The men told the customer they hit her main water line, contaminating the water, and it needed to be tested, according to the Fort Worth Water Department.

The incident occurred Wednesday, May 10, in east Fort Worth.

The city says customers should be aware that water employees rarely need access to a resident's home unless the resident initiates the complaint with the department.

Laboratory staff takes water quality samples from an outside faucet.

The city advises residents who are approached by anyone indicating they represent the city should ask to see photo identification. All water field employees drive marked vehicles, wear uniforms with the city logo, and carry a city-issued photo identification badge.

Residents should immediately report the incident to the Fort Worth Police at 817-392-4222 non-emergency number) and call 817-392-4477 to make Fort Worth Water aware of
the incident.

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