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Fort Worth Residents Sign Petition to Change HOA’s Roof Ruling

Residents of the Tehama Ridge community are calling on their HOA to approve the Mike Luna's roof.

Luna purchased his Fort Worth home back in 2016. He said the North Texas storm season in 2017 showed no mercy on his roof, so he brought in his neighborhood roofer to make the repairs.

"When he was on the roof he had said he noticed that there is actually a lot more damage from some previous hail storms," he said.

Luna said he and his wife went over some colors for new shingles and decided to go with a shade of grey. But about a week later, he received a violation.

According to the Tehama Ridge HOA, Luna didn't get approval to alter his roof.

The second problem is the color he chose, which he said was a shade of grey.

He didn't see a problem with his choice.

"Especially since other homes in the neighborhood have a very similar colored roof," he said. "My own roofer, who lives in the community, has a very similar colored roof."

Luna said the bylaws are full of contradictions.

In one section, Luna said, the bylaws say property owners need prior approval for home alterations, but in another section it said for roof materials, like shingles, permission is "encouraged, but not required."

As for the color, per the bylaws, the HOA allows weatherwood or an earth tone color, which Luna thought he had.

"Grey is considered an earth tone color," he said. "If anyone searches weatherwood, they're going to find an array of different colors."

Nearly 200 homeowners have signed this petition on Many believe the color of the new roof is just fine and blends nicely with the other roofs in the community.

They are urging the HOA to approve his roof immediately.

Luna has sent the HOA another letter disputing its decision.

ONLINE: Petition to approve Tehama Ridge resident Mike Jason's new roof

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