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Fort Worth Residents On Edge After Mass Shooting

Some residents in the Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth are on edge as the search for those responsible for a Friday night mass shooting continues.

Ramsez Hall, 30, and Shemeka Rodriguez, 32, were killed and five others were wounded in the shooting on East Davis Avenue.

One witness reports hearing an estimated 80 shots fired and neighbors said at least six homes were hit with bullets.

Candles, balloons and stuffed animals marked the spot Monday where violence rocked Fort Worth.

"While we are doing the memorials let's rally against violence," T.J. Ragster said.

"This is a wake-up call, not only for this area, but for Tarrant County," Shirley Johnson said.

Johnson knows the cost of violence firsthand. Her 14-year-old son was shot and killed in Fort Worth in 1996.

"Every day I woke up I was angry. I was angry at the world," she said. "You don't just wake up and say, 'I want to bury my child today.'"

Johnson is now the president of the group "Just Stop," which fights violent crime in Fort Worth. She's fighting in her son's memory and fighting for the lives of a new generation.

"If you have any type of love for your mother or your grandmother, you wouldn't be out here killing anybody, because the pain just don't leave overnight," she said tearfully.

Their message is simple, but the reality is much harder.

"It's not that easy. It's a task. It's a very difficult task," Ragster said. "Our city is hurting right now. Our communities are hurting right now."

The Fort Worth Police Department's Gang Unit was on the scene of the incident Friday, but police could not confirm the shooting was gang-related.

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