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Fort Worth Police: Teen Dies in Sale And Purchase of a Gaming System

The suspect shot multiple times at the 19-year-old, with one bullet striking him

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NBC 5 News

A 19-year-old has died after being shot during the sale and purchase of a gaming system on Monday.

Kenneth Akil Johnson had agreed to sell a gaming system and games to a suspect for $700. In the messages interchanged between Johnson and the suspect, Johnson stated that he would count the money prior to giving the suspect the gaming system.

Johnson and the suspect met up at the 8500 block of Ranch Hand Tr. where the exchange would take place.

Johnson arrived with a black backpack, and the suspect handed the money to Johnson where he proceeded to count it and place it in his pocket. When Johnson pulled out the gaming system, the suspect noticed that the gaming system was not the one discussed in the messages.

Authorities say that Johnson began to run away, this caused the suspect to warn Johnson by pulling a gun out and firing two shots into the ground, and telling Johnson to stop. Johnson continued to run, this resulted in the suspect firing multiple gunshots towards Johnson with one striking the 19-year-old.

Police say that the suspect provided medical care while a witness called 911.

Medical personnel arrived at the location where they pronounced Johnson dead.

An arrest warrant was issued for the suspect. This is an ongoing investigation.

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