Fort Worth Police Snub TABC for Future Raids

Chief suspends operations with TABC until investigation complete

In a statement this afternoon, Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey W. Halstead said the department has suspended all operations with the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) until both organizations have completed their investigations into the events at Rainbow Lounge.

The TABC reassigned two officers involved in the Rainbow Lounge raid, which left a 26-year-old victim with a serious head injury.

Halstead said he'll meet with TABC officials and community leaders in the coming weeks to establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities in conducting inspections. In addition, the police department will ensure all police employees have up-to-date multiculturalism training.

TABC administrator Alan Steen responded to the statement a press release:

"TABC Administrator Alan Steen supports Chief Halstead in his efforts to determine how best to serve the community. Mr. Steen and Chief Halstead have been in contact with each other this week, and they share the same goals - to establish the facts surrounding the incident at the Rainbow Lounge, to hold accountable any employees who violated policy or the law, and to determine the best way to serve the people of Texas moving forward."

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