Fort Worth Police Requiring Two Officers to be Dispatched to Every Call

In light of recent attacks on law enforcement such as the shooting in San Antonio, Fort Worth police are changing their policy

After several shootings targeting police across the country this weekend, Fort Worth police are being required to have backup on every call.

The policy is effective immediately. Police said it includes "all traffic stops and self-initiated officer investigations."

Along with police, the policy will extend to the Traffic Division and Special Response Team who will be subject to answering patrol calls if necessary.

"They have to watch out for things and people that they didn't have to in the past," said Fort Worth Police spokesman Sgt. Marc Povero.

"Someone in the shadows may be coming to harm us or may shoot at us from behind," Povero said. "It's just a different mindset now, it's kind of the new reality now in policing."

Three Fort Worth police officers continue to recover after being shot and wounded this year.

"My concern is we might someone out there that might have some mental health issues or just angry," said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Jeff Brady. "And they may take this as an opportunity to just go, 'Well, I'll just go shoot a police officer.'"

Now, even if they ride alone, Fort Worth police will always have backup, calling in extra cars if needed.

"Any calls we go to we have to have at least two officers," Brady said. "On traffic stops you're going to have two police cars."

"It does make you feel safer," Brady added. "I'm all for it."

For about three weeks after five police officers were killed in Dallas this summer, Fort Worth police doubled up, riding two to a car, and many still do.

NBC 5's Kristen Weaver contributed to this report.

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