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Fort Worth Police Officers Involved in Three Shootings in One Week

Police in Fort Worth are investigating three officer-involved shootings in one week.

In the most recent case Wednesday night, a homeowner called 911 to report an armed intruder in the 4900 block of Rickee Drive.

When officers arrived, they found the suspect and tried to arrest him in the front yard.

The man resisted, police said. The officer used his Taser but that didn't work and the man then charged forward. That's when he was shot.

He was identified as Esteban Vasquez, 27.

In a news release Thursday afternoon, police said he was related to someone in the house and had assaulted a family member inside before the shooting.

Vasquez was initially listed in critical condition but was improving, police said.

Court records show he was arrested in March 2018 for assaulting a family member and a month later for violating a protective order.

Earlier Wednesday evening, police were involved in another shooting in the 2800 block of Burchill Road.

Officers were about to arrest a murder suspect, Martin Wilson, when Wilson's cousin showed up at the scene and started shooting. An officer also fired shots because Wilson ran and acted like a cell phone was a gun, police said.

The cousin, James Wilson, is the son of Martin Wilson's alleged murder victim who was killed recently in the 2500 block of Maddox Avenue.

Both cousins were arrested and nobody was injured.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a SWAT officer shot and killed a man during a standoff. The man came out with what appeared to be a gun but it turned out it was a flashlight, police said.

All three shooting incidents are unrelated and will be investigated by detectives in the department's Major Case unit.

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