North Texas

Fort Worth Police Officers, Home Depot Get New Air Conditioner for Woman in Need

Home Depot donates window unit, Fort Worth police install it in woman's home

As North Texas braves this stretch of triple digit temperatures, one Fort Worth woman is keeping cool inside, thanks to police and her caring neighbors.

Barbara Clark went to the hospital for severe dehydration earlier this month after a friend realized something was wrong. Clark had been going without air conditioning after her decades-old unit quit on her unexpectedly. She couldn’t afford a new one and had been trying to make due.

Neighbors who hadn’t heard from her for a while got worried. Fort Worth police did too and initiated a welfare check on July 9.

When they learned her air conditioning was broken and she was sick because of it, they asked neighbors to let them know once Clark was out of the hospital.

They reached out to The Home Depot, who donated a brand new window unit.

Officers, including Nestor Martinez, went back to Clark’s home to install it on Friday, July 13. Officer Martinez gave credit to neighbors for tipping them off to the problem.

"The biggest thing is actually the neighbors, knowing the needs of the elderly, the young that are in the community, watching out for their own community, That's what's important,” he said. 

Clark said she couldn’t believe police would go to the trouble.

"I really appreciate them helping me, I didn't know they did that. but I really appreciate it, because I couldn't do it," Clark said.

Jose Avila lives across the street from Clark and takes good care of her. He's been helping her, but is grateful police stepped in where he couldn't.

“That day we fixed the unit and it failed that morning and they brought that A/C and it worked out perfect. Now we're trying to fix the unit, her unit, and we've got time because we got that unit. So it keeps her healthy, keeps me happy and it keeps her cool,” Avila said.

It's a reminder to look out for others during severe heat. Avila said that’s would good neighbors do. Police said if you know of a problem, let them know too!

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