Fort Worth

Fort Worth Police Officer Receives Blue Heart Award

Officer Lisa Ramsey received a Blue Heart Award after she was shot while on duty in 2003

Fort Worth Police Department

A Fort Worth police officer is the recipient of the Blue Heart Award for her service on Jan. 2, 2003.

Officer Lisa Ramsey received a tip about a drug dealer near where her team was conducting undercover drug buys.

A teammate made the undercover buy while Ramsey and two other team members waited to make the arrest.

The suspect entered a convenience store, and as Ramsey's team approached the door, the suspect fired at the door from inside the store, striking Ramsey on her left side.

The bullet hit Ramsey's arterial artery and destroyed her spinal cord tissue. She spent months in recovery and returned to work two years later.

Officer Ramsey has served the Fort Worth Police Department for 17 additional years, despite her injury in 2003.

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