Fort Worth Police Hold Fundraiser for Officer Battling Cancer

Some Fort Worth police officers are holding a fundraiser for a fellow officer battling cancer.

Clint Hall is a 22-year veteran of the fort Worth Police Department. He was diagnosed in May with an aggressive form of throat cancer.

Hall was diagnosed with cancer six weeks ago after he went to shave one Sunday night and awoke to a golf ball-sized tumor on his neck.

Hall underwent emergency surgery that involved the removal of both sinus cavities, both tonsils, both lymph nodes and a large portion of his larynx.

After chemotherapy and other procedures, the medical bills are stacking up.

Hall’s fellow officers have helped set up the Clint Hall Foundation to raise money for his medical expenses.

“We as police officers and the community want to come together and rally around someone that has always been so strong for us,” said Fort Worth Officer Shelby Meza.

There will be a casino night fundraiser at River Ranch at the Fort Worth Stock Yards on Sunday, Oct. 13, from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Find out more information about the Clint Hall Foundation and ways you can help here.

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