Fort Worth

Fort Worth Police Cruisers Found Damaged by Gunfire

"It is detrimental toward our recruitment and community policing efforts," police chief says

A Fort Worth patrol vehicle parked roadside received a hail of bullets.
Fort Worth PD

Fort Worth police say they want to find the people responsible for shooting up patrol cars that were parked across the city.

A department news release said marked patrol vehicles were recently staged in areas of high visibility as part of an officer recruitment campaign and to promote safe driving. But on Tuesday, police say two of the vehicles were damaged by gunfire.

"This type of hostility toward policing can serve to make our officers more wary, guarded, and less apt to let their guard down and engage with the community," Chief Ed Kraus said in a statement. "It is detrimental toward our recruitment and community policing efforts."

Photos shared by police on social media showed more than a dozen bullet holes above the front-right quarter panel of one of the damaged cars.

No injuries were reported.

Police are investigating the incident.

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