Fort Worth Plans Trash Study Program

A new program in Fort Worth could soon have hundreds of homeowners scratching their heads. Instead of an empty trash bin waiting for them at the curb, there will be a note informing residents that the city is studying their trash.

Fort Worth is participating in a pilot trash study program that will study people’s trash habits. The city says the goal is to get more people to recycle and they first need to figure out what people are throwing away instead of properly recycling.

The city’s Solid Waste Services department will soon pick out 400 homes randomly throughout the city before trash collectors haul away that home's bins for trash and recycling.

A consulting firm called Action Research has been hired to take a few weeks to study the contents of those 800 containers. Consultants will then do in-person interviews in April with those homeowners.

The city plans to replace the trash and recycling bins they’re taking away and leave a note about what’s going on.

The Solid Waste Services department says the program’s goal is to “determine the factors that influence recycling behavior by our residents to fine tune our public outreach efforts.”

Fort Worth City Council will get a full briefing on the pilot trash study at 3:30 today.

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