Fort Worth

Fort Worth Officer Pulls Woman From Bridge After Family Calls for Help

body cam video
Fort Worth Police Department

A Fort Worth police officer pulled a woman to safety after her family called 911 saying she was suicidal and near the Lake Worth Bridge.

Fort Worth police released the body cam video Friday showing Officer Teresa Trevino pulling the woman off the ledge and back onto the roadway.

Police said the woman's family called asking for help and gave them her last known location, near the bridge.

As Trevino pulled up, she said she saw a stopped car and the driver get out and walk to the edge of the bridge. The woman then began to climb over the edge as Trevino stopped her vehicle and yelled, "Stop!" Trevino then ran to her side and pulled her to safety.

The woman in distress was not identified due to the nature of the call.

The department added that "officer Trevino's heroics serve as a reminder to everyone who may struggle with emotional distress" that "free and confidential advice and support for anyone who may be in suicidal crisis or emotional distress" is available 24/7 from the National Suicide Prevention Hotline by calling 800-273-8255.

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