Fort Worth

Fort Worth Neighborhood Searching for Grinch Who Stole Christmas Display

North Fort Worth homeowners are looking for the Grinch who stole a large Christmas display from the entrance to their neighborhood.

It happened last weekend in the West Fork Ranch neighborhood near I-35W and Basswood Boulevard.

“It’s a very festive, fun neighborhood for Christmas,” said Maureen Kirchdoerfer.

Many homeowners decorate their houses with colorful lights.

And this year, they rented a large display of four ornaments -- red, blue green and gold --to place at the entrance to the neighborhood for all to see.

"It's like a little spark. It just makes you happy to see,” said Kirchdoerfer’s neighbor Pam Cox. “They were just beautiful."

Someone stole the display Saturday.

“Crime of opportunity,” Cox said.

Neighbors called police, but there's no surveillance video and little to go on.

Except appeal to the Grinch's better side.

"Please don't be a Grinch,” Cox said. “We have enough Grinches in the world. Be in the Christmas spirit and bring our ornaments back for the kids."

Whatever happens, neighbors say the Grinch won't succeed in stealing Christmas itself.

"Not going to cancel Christmas,” Kirchdoerfer said. “Christmas isn't going anywhere. I don't think anything could cancel Christmas."

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