Fort Worth Mourns With Dallas After Mass Shooting

As the community gathered and mourned Friday at noon in Dallas, so, too, did they come together in Fort Worth, uniting DFW in the wake of Thursday’s tragic shooting.

"When one of our officers bleed, all officers bleed, but all the communities bleed, as well,” said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Rick Van Houten.

Mayor Betsy Price called the prayer session and vigil for the shooting victims just a few hours before the scheduled time on Friday, but still hundreds showed up to stand united.

Community leaders urged everyone to unite and to show support for their local police during this tough time.

"We want good communications with our diverse community, but we don't want violence,” said Price.

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald urged officers to join hand-in-hand with the community as well and encourage a better relationship.

"We have to be those beacons of light, if this terrible moment for the United States has to be the one the pulls everyone together then so be it,” said Fitzgerald.

Many immediately took that advice Friday, as residents hugged officers throughout the plaza and some shed tears for everyone caught up in the unrest.

Fitzgerald and Price said they’ve reached out to Dallas city leaders to offer any support Fort Worth can give during the trying days ahead.

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