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Fort Worth Mom Searches for Good Samaritans Who Saved Her Son's Life

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A Fort Worth mother is searching for the people she credits with saving her son’s life after his pickup truck careened off of I-30 near Aledo Saturday night.

Destinye Guevara says 16-year-old Karsen was driving between Weatherford and White Settlement sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. when he lost control on the rain-slicked road.

He crashed through a guard rail and plummeted down a 50-foot embankment.

When Guevara arrived at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth where he was taken, Karsen was hooked to a ventilator.

“We found out that he had some bleeding on his brain. He had a couple of skull fractures. He had some fractures behind his left occipital bone and some bleeding in his eye,” said Guevara.

He also had a broken pelvis and arm.

But when she learned he’d been pulled from the wreckage by several good Samaritans who’d seen the crash, Guevara realized it could’ve been so much worse.

"If it wasn't for them, he probably would not be here today,” said Guevara.

In a mission to find and thank each of the people responsible for helping Karsen, Guevara took to Facebook with a plea for her community.

Saturday, she was rewarded when the power of social media connected her with Brandon Jorgensen.

He’d been on his way home when he saw Karsen’s truck crash down within yards of his own.

“Everybody’s always in need of help. And it comes down to a point when you can’t react, you have to just act and react to it later, because reacting can cost someone their life,” said Jorgensen.

Though he said those who stopped didn’t exchange names, he was able to tell Guevara that there had been five people helping.

She’s connected with one other, but she doesn’t plan to stop searching until she can personally thank each of the people she’s convinced gave her son a second chance.

"I want them to realize that when my son graduates high school or gets married or has his own children that it's because of their good hearts and what they did,” said Guevara.

If you are one of the good Samaritans or know anything about the crash, you can email Guevera at

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